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Magi is a friend, ally, teacher and most loving and peaceful space. She's always been on my side and never pushes or stresses nor fixes any of my faults. In her space, I am whole, complete and perfect and find a new avenue to express that in my family, communities and in the world.  

Why have I been working with her for the last 10 years?  Mo matter what I think, feel, or what I'm up against after a session with Magi, I come out peaceful whole and ready. Never forceful, ever tender and funny.  She's my hero and I love her dearly and working with her is always a pleasure and empowering. 

God bless Magi and all of her endeavors.  I recommend her whole heartedly to anyone who is looking for a clue, answer, direction or peace in their relationships, family or work.
Sunnie Kim  RESULTS Korea

You know the saying, “Seek and you shall find?” I came all the way to Seattle, seeking a breakthrough; hoping to understand the irrational fears that dominated my life and kept me from being all that I can be.  I found that ‘hoped for breakthrough’ through Magi’s powerful work! What I’ve achieved is beyond my expectations; besides the resolution I was seeking, I also might have found my life’s calling!  What’s even more, I have an art project that might allow me to come back to Seattle to continue my work.  Magi, more than thanking you, I thank the universe for bringing you into my life! 

Barbara Odio Yglesias  http://www.tierramagica-costarica.com/art.htm


I've had the pleasure of knowing and being coached by Magi for many years.  I'm inspired by her intuition (hearing past what's being said to the unsaid, to the real key and root of issues), her compassion (from those in her community garden to strangers in China, Magi truly wants all people to be free of their past and alive in the now) and her playfulness (even in addressing "unforgivable" experiences Magi brings lightness and needed humor).   In my own work with her, I'm able to laugh and love myself rather than have shame or regret as I release old patterns of behavior that no longer serve.  Magi has helped me focus on what's important to me and be in action to create the happy life I have now. If you're a woman who wants your deep inner work to be held with love, compassion and as many laughs as tears, Magi's the healer for you

Adrienne Bramhall Emmy Winning Producer