Magi Speelpenning has been in the personal development and coaching field for over 25 years. In 2007 she launched At Ease Holistic Coaching, to provide a safe, gentle, powerful and effective way for her clients to release trauma, anxiety and post traumatic stress symptoms.  She works with powerful people who—like herself--survived traumatic events, freeing them from the shackles of their troubled pasts.  They stop being scared and step into a life of freedom--feeling safe, happy, powerful and 'at ease' in their bodies and out in the world.   

Magi spent 3 weeks in China, gently resolving the trauma of the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake survivors in three villages; miracles occurred which still move her to tears.  She was personally invited by Tom Stone of Evolve to participate in two of his cutting edge training programs: Train the Trainer and Vaporize your PTSD, where she worked with veterans who have post traumatic stress.  Magi has clients in Europe and South Korea; one of whom has been happily working with her for over 10 years!

For two years, Magi was responsible for hundreds of participants in a year-long program. With her relaxed and playful manner, her team produced breakthrough results both years.  She has been extensively trained in transformational technologies through Landmark Education, PAX, GLT, BraveHeart Women and more.  She worked with Bill Lamond, who helped her discover her “Natural Genius.”  She expanded her expertise and consciousness with the completion of Alison A. Armstrong’s Mastery and Leadership program, and happily teaches PAX principles about masculine and feminine dynamics to groups.  Magi’s work is recommended by PAX inc. 


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